I am proud to announce that I was chosen to be among 16 Nikon USA Ambassadors and only one of two people chosen who specialize in photographing weddings. The other wedding photographer, my great friend and the man who I call the “Bruce Springsteen” of the wedding industry is none other than Cliff Mautner. I [...]


So here it is…some of the best highlights of videos featured in 2012 on my educational web site for photographers, the Ice Society. The videos represent only a fraction of what you can expect each month as a member of the Ice Society. There are now 64 chapters in the library. You may try a [...]


I can’t believe it’s been 5 years of the Ice Society! I remember my dream since it inception and to see the Ice Society as strong as ever after 5 years is truly rewarding.
For those of you don’t know, the Ice Society is a subscription-based photography educational website dedicated to empowering fellow professionals and enthusiasts [...]

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